I have an Associates in Human and Behavioral Sciences. I am currently in my third year at the University of California in San Diego working towards my Bachelors in Critical Gender Studies.
-Teach Human Sexuality in community colleges
-Work with non-profits to bring sex education and gender studies to disenfranchised communities both inside and outside of the United States
-Work towards a career in Sex Therapy
-Work with researchers on the link between learned masculinity and the propensity for violence
-Own seven or eight dogs, I’m not picky.
I have worked with various activists groups for human and animal rights. I currently bartend, which provides a lot of observation hours regarding gender, class, and race.
I own four dogs, eight chickens, and one rooster. It still seems a little empty to me. I think I ought to add a pig or goat in there. I love to attend music festivals and I’m a sucker for nights filled with dancing. Waterfalls are my favorite geological feature- its important.